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Clients, Objectives & Instruments

Finance is Our Field of Knowledge

We offer consulting and advisory services to our clients whom include financial institutions and corporates such as:


  • Banks

  • Insurance and reinsurance companies

  • Pension funds and trusts

  • Open- and close-ended mutual funds

  • Hedge and specialty funds

  • Real estate companies and REITs

  • Leasing companies

  • Factoring and trade-finance companies

  • Large to mid-sized corporates

  • FinTech companies and other start-ups.


Client objectives we cover some or all of the following stages:

  • Research

  • Feasibility studies

  • Strategic and management advice

  • Management advice as to mergers & acquisitions

  • Risk management advice

  • Advice on equity and debt capital placement and refinancing

  • Transaction implementation

Typical corporate finance instruments involved are:

  • All types of long- to short-term, secured or unsecured instruments in the public or private debt markets (perpetuals, long-term bonds, medium-term notes, off-balance-sheet transactions such as securitisation, securitised loans ("Schuldscheindarlehen"), syndicated and bilateral loans, short-term debt such as commercial paper and trade bills)

  • Mezzanine and subordinated debt and preferred equity

  • Equity and equity-linked instruments

  • Credit replacing instruments, such as leasing, factoring and forfaiting

  • Derivatives on debt, equity, foreign currencies, inflation and other indices whether outright or embedded into other instruments

While our consulting approach is client centred, Isar Financial Partners may also invest and manage its own funds as an equity, mezzanine or debt investor on an at-arms-lengths and mutually agreed basis.  

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