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Strategy to Implementation

Since we are usually bound by strict confidentiality, we provide client and transaction references on a specific request basis only. 


Please contact your senior relationship manager at our firm.

An exemplary selection of recent consulting transactions include:

  • Due diligence as well as design of a restructuring and funding plan for a European buy-now-and-pay-later (BNPL) service provider to B2C e-commerce companies and payment service providers

  • Design and implementation support for a digital selection and reporting tool directly linked into customer billing systems for trade receivables and advance payments of utility companies and electricity network operators used for asset-backed finance structures and securitisations

  • Design and prototyping of (i) a VaR value-at-risk-based collateral hair-cut and risk management model for a crypto-currency repo lending program, and (ii) a MC monte-carlo-based crypto currency portfolio risk management model using correlated returns augmented by worst-case scenario stresses

  • Risk assessment report for Bermuda-based and US-focused mortgage insurance company on a mezzanine tranche investment of a synthetic Swiss bank-balance-sheet CLO 

  • Seed investment in two fintech companies, Cadeia GmbH (digital process automation and rule-based cash-flow distribution for financial markets in the blockchain) and linx4 GmbH (B2B pay-per-use leasing), including financial-, risk- and price-model as well as product development, senior management services and support in agile-environment IT implementation

  • Arranger for a revolving factoring facility financing B2C e-commerce invoice and instalment receivables

  • Arranger and security agent for a bridge loan to facilitate a M&A transaction in a high-grade calcium sulphate production and mining company including a final participation in the loan

  • Senior advisor to a US private equity investor for the recapitalisation of a major German Landesbank including due diligence participation

  • M&A sell-side advisory for the acquisition of a credit agency & collection company by a payment-service provider & payment institution

  • Development of a multi-variant Monte Carlo portfolio simulation tool (including Cholesky decomposition of the covariance matrix)

  • Development of a machine-learning consumer and SME rating model based on logistic regression analysis (data cleaning & supervised machine-learning)

  • Development and programming of a machine-learning multi-variant linear regression model for real estate valuations

  • Auction sale of illiquid litigation shares of a major credit card company

  • Structuring of a € 100 million committed facility for a P2P lender in conjunction with a last round equity investment

  • Advisory and implementation support of a € 25 million factoring refinancing facility for a B2C receivables management company

  • Strategic and implementation advisory for a € 150 million business development effort into supply chain finance & factoring business of an insurance company

  • Support in the arrangement and implementation of a construction phase mezzanine facility for a € 110 million real estate development project in cooperation with a close-end real estate fund

  • Business development of a € 150 million mid- to late-stage FinTech venture capital fund

  • Arrangement of a € 360,000 bridge loan facility for a FinTech payment institution start-up company

  • Buy-side advisory and support in due diligence for a € 80 million acquisition of a non-performing loan management company

  • Sell-side support in divestment of bank assets of a large telecoms company

  • Sell-side advisory and support for sale of hotel assets in Europe

  • Sell- as well as buy-side advisory on various performing and non-performing loan asset transactions in Germany, Austria, Italy and other countries throughout Europe

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