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Consulting Leads to Action

Isar Financials Partners also invests (if a consulting client is involved, in a transparent and mutual agreement) own funds into companies and concepts.  An investment may involve equity, mezzanine and/or debt.  


The investment focus is primarily in credit related assets or ventures as well as actively in early-stage and passively mid- to late-stage FinTech companies.  We are considering majority, minority and co-investment proposals.

Active investments in FinTech companies are currently (among others):

  • Cadeia GmbH, Munich & Berlin, which develops a digital process automation and cash-flow distribution solution for financial markets (see

  • linx4 GmbH, Vienna, which is a one-stop solution for usage-based and pay-per-use leasing (see

In parallel, the senior partners at our firm are supporting the establishment of a Europe centred FinTech fund called FinDeavour (see "").

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