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About Us

Experience - Specialisation - Client Focus

Isar Financial Partners GmbH is a corporate finance consulting firm for financial institutions and corporate clients in Europe and beyond.  


We offer our clients comprehensive services focusing on M&A and corporate finance strategy, debt and risk management as well as restructuring.  Depending on the client specific requirements, our services cover all levels ranging from strategic advisory to support in specific transaction implementation including digitalisation.  Typical clients may include banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, pension funds and trusts, mutual funds, hedge and specialty funds, large to mid-sized corporates as well as start-ups and FinTech companies.


Our teams provide a deep understanding of international debt, mezzanine, and equity as well as derivatives markets with long lasting relationships to relevant participants in the public as well as private domain. 


As a privately owned firm we maintain our head-office in Pullach near Munich as well as representative offices in the United Kingdom and Austria.

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