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Business Principles

Integrity - Professionalism - Independence

Honesty and Integrity – To be a trusted advisor or business counterpart to our clients is our highest value.  We will respect all applicable laws and regulations and act in an ethical and responsible manner.  We will never wilfully make misrepresentations or engage in activities that are illegal, dishonest, misleading or deceitful.  We accept, that we may have fiduciary responsibilities, especially when advising clients, and act accordingly.


High Level of Professionalism – We will always endeavour to operate at the highest level of professional skill, develop our professional knowledge continuously, exercise reasonable judgement and state our procedures and results clear and accurate.  We will strive to disclose limits of our services and professional skills to the interested parties.


Independence, Transparency, and Conflict of Interest – We will clearly agree with our clients the basis of our relationship – whether we act as a consultant or advisor, as an at-arms-lengths counterparty or in any other capacity.  When advising, we will perform our work independently and transparent to the client who has engaged us.  We will immediately inform our clients, subject to confidentiality imposed on us by law or contract, about actual and potential conflicts of interest.


Confidentiality – We will protect confidential information provided to us and never use such information for any other purpose than the agreed one or for personal gain.


Suitability – We will consider the needs and sophistication of our clients in order to provide appropriate and suitable services and advise.


Conflict Resolution – We will attempt to resolve any dispute, conflict or violation in a direct and efficient manner considering the legitimate rights of all parties involved.

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